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Ken Uston Profile

One of the most famous blackjack players of all time is Ken Uston. He was born in 1935, in New York City. He attended Yale at the age of 16 ,and also earned an MBA from Harvard ,Ken was a mathematics genius. Ken became fascinated with blackjack and learned to play. He joined Al Francesco's team, and learned to count cards. He played as part of the team for a while. In 1977 he released the book, The Big Player which reveled the secrets being used by Al Francesco's team, an causing a rift between them. The book however made a big splash.

Ken Uston Career

After the release of The Big Player, ken formed his own team of blackjack players. While raking in millions of dollars through out his career he was banned from many casinos. He was even beaten , and physically thrown out of some of them. So much so that he would often play in disguise to trick the casinos. He filed a lawsuit in 1979 claiming casinos did not have the right to bar skilled players. He continued playing blackjack and wrote a second book.

Ken Uston Books

The Big Player was the first book written by ken. The next book he wrote was titled One Third of a Shoe. He went on to write Million Dollar Blackjack and Ken Uston on Blackjack. Ken however being a mathematical genius could do many thing other than counting cards. He also had a big interest in video games, he noticed patterns in the games and began figuring strategies. He wrote several books about video games and computers. Some of those books were Mastering Pac-Man, Ken Uston's Guide to Buying and Beating the Home Video Games, Ken Uston's Home Video '83, Score Beating the Top 16 Video Games, Ken Ustons Guide to Home Computers, and a book for many of the computer systems of his time. Ken Uston died in 1987.

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