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Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong Blackjack

The famous gambling author, and former professor Stanford Wong that has written many books on blackjack, as well as mastering the game. He began playing blackjack in college while gaining his degree and also teaching at Stanford. He was mastering the game of blackjack and paying his way through college doing it. He wrote and self published his first book in 1975 titled Professional Blackjack. That was just the beginning. He also created one of the first computer software programs available for blackjack called Blackjack Analyzer. He was also inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Stanford Wong Books

During his wonderful career as a blackjack player, Stanford also wrote several books about blackjack. He wrote many books that helped players improve their game and skill levels. Some of his books were even about other gambling games. Some of his blackjack publications were Professional Blackjack, Blackjack Secrets, Gambling Like a Pro, Winning Without Counting, Basic Blackjack, Tournament Blackjack, and Vegas Downtown Blackjack. His second book published was Blackjack in Asia, which is a rare book. He started his own publishing company called Pi Yee Press, and still runs it.

Wongs Gaming Books

In addition to playing and mastering the game of blackjack, Stanford also had interests in other games. He also wrote books about video poker, pai gow, and dice. These were titled Professional Video Poker, Wong on Dice, Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow, Tournament Craps, Sharps Sports Betting, and more. He is a very talented player able to understand and play many games successfully. He also currently maintains two websites.

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