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Tommy Hyland Profile

Tommy Hyland was born in 1956, growing up in a community in New Jersey. He began gambling as a child, with sports bets, and coin tossing. He continued gambling through high school even betting on himself. He attended college in Wittenburg, Oh studying political science. It was in college that he became more interested in playing cards, and his interest in blackjack grew. He found a copy of Lawrence Revere's book Playing Blackjack as a Business. He and his roomate began studying and practicing blackjack before going to Atlantic City.

Tommy Hyland Blackjack Team

Card counting became an interest for Tommy, he began to read books written by Stanford Wong on the subject. He also studied the book written by Ken Uston, Million Dollar Blackjack. It was at this point he became interested in team blackjack. He began playing with a friend and then formed an informal team of four people. They had each contributed $4,000. 00 and quickly turned it into a $50,000.00 bank roll playing at the Atlantic City casinos. They then set their sights on Las Vegas but before they could organize it some of the members took off to play in Asia after reading Sanford Wong's Blackjack in Asia. He began to recruit new players from his local golf course and teaching them better blackjack skills.

The new team then began to play the casinos using new techniques and small computers to give them a stronger edge. They were highly successful taking the casinos for millions, however the casinos were also increasing their measures as well. The blackjack team and Tommy had many run ins with the casinos. They were banned, back-roomed, arrested and even threatened with murder at times. The blackjack team even had to defend themselves in court for cheating. Tommy Hyland has fought for gamblers rights against the casinos, by filing legal action in courts and getting petitions signed for laws protecting gamblers. Tommy Hyland and his team are legendary among blackjack players and card counters. He is also in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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