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Blackjack Strategy

Basic Blackjack Strategy

If you play any type of card game you have heard the term basic strategy. Whether you are playing blackjack in a casino, or a blackjack online game it is the same. Blackjack has a basic strategy as well. you can read about blackjack strategy online from many places, also you can learn from strategy charts.

Blackjack Strategy Charts

The charts are usually laid out with the dealers card on the top, and your card on the left edge of the chart. You will find your hand on the chart then follow across until u intersect with the dealers hand. Then you can follow the charts suggested play, the  charts are fairly easy to memorize with a little practice. The symbols on the chart the action to take.

H = hit

S = stand

D = double if allowed, if not hit

Ds = double if allowed, or else split

P = split

H/P = split if you can double after the split, otherwise hit

H/R = surrender if allowed, otherwise split

P/R = surrender if allowed, or else split

S/R = surrender if allowed or else stand

These symbols may also be color code to make it easier to identify them. It is pretty easy to start using the charts and then memorize them, which will help you to play more effectively.

Blackjack Terms

A few terms that may help you if you are new to blackjack, and don't understand the terminology. While there are many terms used in blackjack, we are only going to look at a few here. The ones we are interested in are the ones involved in the decision making process of playing blackjack, or used in the strategy charts. Most people may know and understand these terms, but just in case you are not familiar we are going over them.

Stand - If a player is content and satisfied with his current hand then he may stand.

Hit - When a player desires another card ,and may continue to take hits until he stands, or busts.

Double - When a player wants, or needs only one more card he can double the bet but will only receive one more card , no matter the result .

Split - A split can be made by a player if there are two cards of equal value, a second bet can be placed and create a second hand. The second hand is then able to be played independently of the first.

Surrender - When a player gives up half of his bet and ends the hand without playing.

There are more terms used in blackjack that are important as well. These terms will help you better understand the game and we will get into those shortly.

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