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Blackjack Card Counting

Card Counting

Everyone looks to gain and edge when playing blackjack . One way players try to increase their chances when playing is through card counting. For many players blackjack card counting is a little overwhelming, but when broken down it can be learned and used to help the player. Anyone can learn to count cards, it requires a little math skill, and the ability to count cards while focusing on playing the game. Counting cards is a system of tracking which cards have been dealt, and trying to determine which cards are left in the deck. The concept is that a higher percentage of high cards, ie face cards and tens, to low cards is an advantage to the player. While having a greater percentage of low cards to high cards makes a better advantage to the dealer.

Understanding Card Counting

The concept of card counting is to keep track of the cards that have been dealt, so you know what to expect from the dealer. Most basic card counting systems start by giving cards a value, These values are either a positive 1, negative 1 or zero. In more advanced Strategies values of  +2,+ 3, -2, or -3 may be assigned. So when playing you must be able to keep track of every card the dealer has, as well as the other players. But do not try to start out counting each individual card, wait until players have at least two cards to make it simpler. In most card counting systems you are looking for a positive value, this means that smaller cards have been dealt and there are larger percentage of higher cards left in the deck. This high positive value gives players a few advantages to work with. When the high positive count drops and shifts it is time to decrease your betting as your odds are decreasing.

Developing Card Counting Skills

As with any skill, card counting takes time and practice. To be good at counting cards you have to practice perfecting your skill. Take the time to practice dealing cards ,and counting through the deck until you achieve a count of zero each time. You can change the variation by adding time limits, or extra card decks to your practice. You will want to be able to count and focus on playing your hand at the same time, you will want to increase your level of difficulty until its like playing a real game. Be proficient with your counting before trying anything for real wagers.

Card Counting Systems

When you start looking at card counting, you will find several card counting systems for blackjack. With so many to choose from where do you start? First evaluate your skill level, and how you like to play,  meaning your playing style. If you are new to the game, it is best to select a basic system to learn first. One of the most basic card counting systems to learn is the hi low count. It is simple and probably the easiest to learn and master. Even being simple this takes time to develop your skills for counting. then you can progress to other systems. Some of the other systems you will encounter in blackjack are the k-o system, red 7 system, the high opt 1, and high opt 2. As with anything you have to find the system that works best for you so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

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